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How Our system works

It prevents crashes and collisions in snowparks

The system is capable of recognizing skiers and snowboarders on the blind spots behind the jump landings. If there's someone on the blind spot it indicates that information to other snowpark users.

Advanced software meets simple user-end

Our system uses modern deep learning algorithms to recognise people on blind spots. This complex algorithm provides realiable information that will then be sent to the indicator. The indicator is just a simple red light.

We take care of everything

Our service is meant to provide piece of mind to ski resorts and skiers. That’s why will be taking care of installation, updating and managing.

Step By Step


Collaborative planning with the park team

Our installers will visit the customer ski resort and create a plan that suits their needs in collaboration with the resort’s park team.


Let’s make a deal and write a contract.

We will create a contract that suits both stakeholders’ needs.


We will install our system and turn it on.

Installation process usually takes from 2 to 6 days depending on the size of the snowpark and electricity infrastructure.


We monitor, customer relaxes

That’s it! We will take care of everything form this point onwards. The customer can just enjoy the improved safety and more happy users.


Our Demo Day pitch is now online. Go and check it out on Youtube!

Our Team

mobile link Jaakko Ingraeus email link Jaakko Ingraeus

Jaakko Ingraeus

CEO / Designer

mobile link Jaakko Ingraeus email link Jaakko Ingraeus

Patrik Paavolainen

Sales / Marketing

mobile link Jaakko Ingraeus email link Jaakko Ingraeus

Anshul Sood

Product Developer

mobile link Jaakko Ingraeus email link Jaakko Ingraeus

Mikael Nuotio

Hardware Designer


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